Interview Episodes

Your first assignment is to develop, create, edit, and produce a short interview podcast episode.

As creator, host, producer, and editor, it’s your job to create a compelling story in collaboration with your interview subject. The story will take shape through a series of stages (and choices)–as you conceive the episode, select your guest, write your interview questions, record your conversation, and edit your episode. You want to be sure the result is focused and that you make conscious choices about both content and tone.

With all that in mind, you’ll complete process assignments (see below) intended to help you produce your best work.

The creative process is complex. You’ll likely experience doubt and frustrati0n along the way. You’ll also likely experience excitement, breakthroughs, and nerves. It’s all part of the process. Go with it and have faith that if you put in the work you will definitely learn a lot and will likely produce a compelling piece.

Aim for a 10-15 minute completed episode. It’s likely you’ll record twice that amount and edit the episode down. You may create a longer episode, but if you do, ask yourself: Will your audience keep listening? Does the extra length make the episode more compelling? If so, then it’s worth it.

Due date for the finished episode is Tuesday, October 12 (by midnight)–posted as a link to our site. Upload your episode to Soundcloud, Google  Drive, Dropbox, or another hosting platform of your choice.

Note: Soundcloud will be the most seamless platform to use. It’s also the most public, though you can set your channel to private and grant access to those you want to hear it.

Process Assignments

  • Informal proposal (on the blog, Thursday 9/16)
  • Blueprint, one-liner, title, and brainstorming your interview questions (in-class, 9/21)
  • “Heart and Soul”: Show and episode description (9/23)
  • Research and interview questions (9/28)
  • Rough cut (10/7)
  • Show copy for web (10/12)
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Weldon’s Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 of NPR’s Podcast Startup Guide, Weldon assures readers how storytelling is the beating heart of podcasting. This seems to hold a lot of truth in my eyes because one thing that makes a podcast interesting to viewers is the story being told. He goes on to say the way someone tells the story holds even more value than the story itself. The tone someone holds carries the backbone of the story itself. This is true because you can tell one story in numerous ways all with the use of your voice. 


Keith Blog Post #2

After reading chapter 7 in Weldon’s guide, it’s become clear that creating a narrative, story driven podcast, involves a kind of writing that hovers somewhere between the dramatic and the prosaic. Essentially, the task at hand paradoxically seems to be something akin to screenwriting, minus the visual dimension. Although Weldon offers up an outline as a possible way of framing a narrative episode, the more structured approach of crafting a script suits “long-form narrative especially” as it requires a certain “level of detail to build a vivid world, a scaffold of credible information, a platform for insight” (Weldon 97). Personally, the narrative/storyline  episode seems like the one that really allows the craft involved in making a podcast to shine through. The combination of several formal elements as well as the requisite research, together necessitate an attention to detail that is evocative of craftsmanship.


Bobby’s Podcast

About: In this episode on Balance Productions we introduce a very special guest to dive into I would say everything you would need to know about video games, why it is beneficial to anyone that doubts it and is open to anyone and for everyone. The goal of this podcast is to teach people the beneficial aspects and to have fun, also to be open-minded and try new things. Just have fun.

Episode Description: In this podcast, Bobby sits down with his younger brother Steve as they discuss one of the most popular and well-known hobbies of all time, video games! You will fully understand the ways of the gaming community.



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Unveiling: Episode 1 Interview

In this episode of “Unveiling” I sit down with my friend about her experiences living as a diabetic. I hope this podcast episode can be informative educating people on what diabetes is.

The music that I used for this podcast was Ilyas Mao- How Far feat.Essam

The tech that I used to record this episode was my MacBook Pro and the software for editing my interview was Audition, no additional microphones were used.

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Dogs of War

Episode Description:

On this episode of “Dogs of War”, the host Marion Diaz sits down with her father and picks his brain about his life as a veteran. It’s an adventurous tale that keeps you on your feet with every conversation.

Our theme music is “Happy-Chappy” by Ketsa courtesy of WFMUFreeMusicArchive:

Note: I used my MacBook Air, zoom for recording, and audacity for editing

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Keith Nealis Interview Podcast



The Headache podcast is a weekly podcast that tries to unpack the seemingly constant chaos we all have to deal with in today’s world. I’m your host Keith Nealis, and each week we’ll sit with a guest who’s had to deal with, or is currently dealing with, some kind of stressful or absurd situation, and get their take on how they navigate through it. It could be anyone from a teacher dealing with teaching during the pandemic, to a runner having to make their way back from serious injury. Regardless of who the guest is, the goal of the podcast is to shine a light on life’s more difficult moments in hopes of unearthing a few precious nuggets of wisdom.


On this inaugural episode of The Headache, host Keith Nealis sits down with his mother, Monica Nealis, a former middle school science teacher, to learn about how she dealt with the sudden transition from teaching in the classroom to having to teach from home via Zoom. We talk about what the transition was like, technologically speaking, the challenges of teaching in a low-income community that lacks certain resources, like WiFi, the anxiety of returning to the classroom, and how her career is bookended by 9/11 and the pandemic. Enjoy!!!

Episode Below:

The Headache EP. 1

The Headache’s theme music is taken from “Just a Waltz” by Alena Smirnova courtesy of WFMU Free Music Archive:

Note: The Headache was recorded and edited on a MacBook Pro with GarageBand


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Finding Hope – Episode 1: Matt Paige



What brings you joy? Is it spending time with friends, engaging in a hobby, purchasing items, or simply taking a break from the world? Whereas we might have a lot of choices, there are times when the simplest acts can make someone’s day, and choosing to give back perhaps is at the root of finding true joy and hope. Finding Hope features stories of community service told first-hand by volunteers that highlight our world’s need for change and compassion, expressed through their newfound perspective on what truly matters.


Zambia seems like a place far, far away. A country that not many of us will ever visit, or let’s be honest, even know where it’s located on the map. In this episode, Matt Paige, a volunteer for the non-profit organization Hope worldwide, recounts his travels to Lusaka, Zambia, and his work rebuilding a school, teaching children, and the new perspective he’s found while abroad. [The cover photo on SoundCloud is courtesy of Matt’s Instagram (@the3rdpaige)].

Note: Theme music is “Aced It” by Ketsa, off of Free Music Archive (FMA). Equipment used to record this podcast are: SONY plug-in headphones, QuickTime Player on Mac, and audio recording from Zoom. The editing software used is Adobe Audition.
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Interview Podcast – Sammy Ali

COVID-19’s Twin Pandemic: The Learning Loss Crisis


This morning with Sam offers an atypical approach to education: learning about learning. Do you have an interest in studying the pedagogical processes behind your child’s academics? Want to learn more about how student growth may be hindered by the pandemic? Join us in our investigation into the myriad of educational barriers facing students in the United States. 


After a year of education taking a back seat to safety, students are now facing insurmountable learning challenges. In this episode, Dr. Bobbie Kabuto, department chair of the elementary and early childhood education department at Queens College, joins to discuss learning barriers exacerbated by the pandemic and the underlooked communities that will be hit the hardest. Check out the full episode here.

Equipment/Software Used: Acer laptop, Sony headphones, Zencastr & Adobe Audition

Note: Our theme music is “Emphatic Flamingo” by Checkie Brown, courtesy of the WFMU Free Music Archive.

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Literally Latina! Episode 1: The 35 cents Horror


Literally Latina is a candidly emotional podcast hosted by Nika Nunez, a literal Latina!

Literally Latina! is a podcast dedicated to searching for and stripping down the Latin-American experience in the legal and health sectors, that oftentimes is muddled with lack of representation, prejudice, and systematic racism. This show features a no-nonsense approach to having these tough, yet important conversations with individuals that have gone through hardships as Latina/o/x community members.

Episode Description

In this episode, you will hear the infamous 35 cents story. Don’t be fooled; this story accrues interest. Join me as I interview my father, “Gus” Nunez about his 35 cents story, a true tale about the injustices in our legal system. We will discuss fare evasion and how it has remained prevalent since his incident in 1974 until present day.

Here’s link to the full-length episode:


 Equipment used: MacBookAir voice notes app to record audio, Adobe Audition for editing

Music Used: Dale! by Timmothy Infinite, courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Articles Mentioned in the podcast:

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Isaiah’s Interview Podcast


Che talks podcast is a podcast that will take us through different subjects that happens in our everyday life. Join me Isaiah Chevere, as your host as I talk about a wide variety of topics ranging from movies and TV shows to even politics and what is happening in the news. Maybe to laugh, to laugh to cry, to let out frustrations. Whatever it is, this podcast will be here if you just want to hear people talk about whatever, whenever. To have people use this space to have a conversation and keeping that conversation going and going.

Episode Description 

Episode Description below. Check out the Full Episode here:

“Immigration” Karla Chevere Interview

On this first episode of Che Talks, the host Isaiah Chevere interviews his wife, Karla Chevere, formally known as Karla Guerra. Karla is an immigrant from Guatemala who comes to America when she was about 7 years old. In this episode, Karla talks to us about her experiences of trying to live in a new state/country and adjusting to that American life and what the process of becoming a U.S Citizen looks like. Enjoy the episode and keep the conversation going!


Our theme music is “No-Wing” by Ketsa courtesy of WFMUFreeMusicArchive:


Note: I used my MacBook Air, Zencastr to record, Adobe Audition to edit.
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